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A Few Daily Challenge Poems

It's good to exercise the composition muscles.

Today's challenge at Poetic Asides is to title a poem as "All I want is ______". I added a second constraint for myself of doing it as a reversing Fib.

All I want is more

of excess
to push back wall scrapes.
exponential growth is freedom.
what's sustainable?
smaller loops

Yesterday's challenge was to title with a color. I bumped up the constraint by making it a Rondeau as well.

Seeing Red

Our Land: Back Off Government!!!       A rare threat,
these rural signs by cinderblocks, cars set
up:     Gas, Bait 'n' Ice Cream Fireworks Gift Shop
  Your Dock & Deck Specialists.     Bob's Truck Stop
2 Buck Breakfasts.
    FR3SH LO3STErS.     Guitars sweat

the blues dropped.     Softly, our losses are debts
but waxing nostalgic spatters the carpet.
An ice cube makes brittle, knife up off pop... 
Our Land. Back Off.

Stains, textures are lost in the discarded.
What are your feelings towards my man? (Guarded
mumble reply): I'm fond of the guy.      Chop 
shop welding torch eyes! (She misheard.) Stop
fight! Not, "I fondled the guy."  Cigarette... 

Back off!

A couple days ago, the challenge was for a love poem, and/or anti-love poem. I added the constraint of it being a sonnet. This is what I came to from that...

Foible Acceptance

Your requests? Rational. Forgetting task
-- while distracted into focus -- I write
of you, my sweet. Not washing dishes, whites
and windows. Papers slide in piles off desk.
What's daily asked, it isn't much. I bask
in words, sit blind. I swear I don't incite,
deliberately, as tease or test. (Quite
absent-whatted?) Clothes doffed to floor. I'm brusque
at lunch, leave doors ajar. It's not malice
nor unspoken griefs, nor any lash at you.
I love you -- failings intact, in palace
of clouded head — and I strew. Don't construe
love's lack! It's just, I'm lax! I'm busy too!
If true, "Time makes all whole" this too shall bliss.

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