June 27th, 2006


on poetry vs. prose and submitting to markets

"How is more important than what in poetry. What is more important than how in fiction, non-fiction, essays."
~ rob of rob mclennan

"Is it a Capilano or Malahat poem? You don't send an 80-page superman poem to a haiku journal. It's basic research."
~ rob of rob mclennan
  • Current Music
    Music of the spheres, plates, in dishwasher to be specific

after crack of thunder

notice change in the air pressure, a low
draws my heat       clouds as angels descend

a downpour leaves no part of me untouched,
it turn me over as it releases the shoulders
works a diagonal across legs, shifts, soaks,
every inch tapped, eyelid or midback equal

indifference professional intimate masterful
there's no sense in running or walking faster
the water and skin are drinking each other,

in a shop people comment on my getting caught
and I only grin and a clerk asks if I want a towel
I decline, drip my payment on the counter, return
to the storm, away from shadows under eaves

mind snaps to how you answered the phone,
- oh, (voice down an octave) I was just in the
shower. I'm here in my towel

excuse me that was my jaw- I mean phone
drop -- lost grip for a minute and then the rain

sprays an angle of cold across my chest
intensity of stroking speed and I realize

waves of wind changing tempo, density,
making wet -- what I already thought was,

deep current of oceanic chest has warmed the surface
new rivulets from partline down neck layer temperatures,
lashing droplets won't permit thoughts straying

inside the wall of now there is no distinction
between the rain and me. snow suddenly seems
only a medium, for all its weight, polite

the streets are empty, cars pull over; no visibility.
Who needs all the senses -- just one      fills.