October 2nd, 2017


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Not saying I'm starting to blog again. A dozen blogs dead. Including food and humanyms which I'll eventually get around to taking offline.

www.pearlpirie.com I update every year or so.

Life changes: Moved out of Ottawa where I've lived or worked for 26 years. After swearing to never get another cat or car, we did both.

Emptied all The House. 3 bags of misc to sort still in car.

Preferentially hope shows up in turning to poetry to read but like like biology non-fiction better. Feel jaded for poetry. I've read too much.

Not writing. Organizing other people with various lit groups.

My salon series has no return date as who would truck out into the countryside? Really the market is saturated for readings and workshops.

Still chronic fatigue and chronic pain and anxiety disorder and topographagnosia cyclically knock me flat. Still, that said, in a better frame than I've been in a dozen years.

Did a year and 8 months braless which made lifetime shoulder, breast and back pain go away. Then switched briefly to binder but that just made the girls hurt again.

Henna-dyed my hair and gave myself a 2 day migraine from chem sensitivity. Shoulda known. Just need to accept the whitening. Or wear wigs but I pitched them all in the move. As well as, accidentally, all the sports stuff, volleyball net, volleyball, soccer ball, baseball glove and bat. Those must have been under some wood? The cleaners threw out everything, even the dis-attached handrail and the marble countertop remnant.

Let it go has been a mantra since dad died about 7 years ago and maybe I'm finally catching on.

Bri is knocking himself out building bookshelves and designing a shed, which may be built before snow.

I went to the doctor and he greeted me with, Whatja do to yourself?

This time the nerves in both arms for 2 months kinda buggered, unlike the last time when I fell off a dirt pile with 2x4 which I threw into the air as I felt. They landed across my back.

But much better now.